Importance of Gold Plating for Medical Devices

While most of us think of gold for its beauty and rarity, gold also withholds many properties that make it an excellent element for use in the medical field. Even laser equipment used by the USA military medical personnel to treat battlefield injuries is gold coated.

Some of the benefits of using gold:
• Zero Allergies – since 24k gold is a noble metal
• Cleanliness and sanitation — gold features antimicrobial characteristics that can ward off bacteria and resist infections.
• No toxic reactions – gold is also one of the most biocompatible metals, it will not create adverse or toxic reactions when coming in contact with the skin.
• Electrical conductivity – gold exhibits exceptional long-term electrical conductivity, making it most suited for devices containing electrical or electronic parts.
• Increasing wear resistance – gold increases the device’s wear resistance and lengthen its lifespan.

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